Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Using Photoshop Clipping Path to Remove Background


Using Photoshop clipping path to remove background is typically a commercial process. Not many home users or hobby photographers will need to dive in to this method of image manipulation or photoshop editing process. This is however a very common practice in the commercial space where the image background is removed with the use of photoshop clipping path process.

What is Photoshop Clipping Path?

Photoshop clipping path is a photo editing process where Adobe Photoshop image editing application is used to clip an object on an image. In order to remove the background from an image, we first need to select that specific background. Only proven way of selecting the image background so that we can remove the background is by using clipping path. 

Think about clipping coupon. We all are familiar with the process. Grade school students have fun with craft activities where papers and scissors are involved. They cut things into shape, cut things out of a newspaper or magazine page for their craft project. We all grow up by learning how to cut along the lines. If you understand the coupon clipping process, you know how the photoshop clipping path works.

Instead of using a scissor to clip something, you use Photoshop pen tool to clip a selected object. In out case, the image background. You just clip or mark along the link of an image background. Or simply put, clip the object you want to isolate from the background. One the object is clipped, you then export that clipped part from the image and save it on a brand new file with no background. That's how you remove the background from an image using photoshop clipping path. 

Why You Will Use Photoshop Clipping Path to Remove that Image Background?

There can be various reasons for doing so. The picture or an object in the image might come out great but the background might not be doing the whole image proper justice. By removing the background from an image using clipping path, you can add a new background to the image which will give the image a fresh and attractive look. 

In commercial photography or product photography, it is a common proactive as there is no need to add or publish the product background on websites or catalogs. Product owners or product marketers want to highlight the product in such a way that the entire attention is focused on the product itself. Having an image background takes the attention away from the product and that's not what markets want. Their whole objective is to make a sale. If the product is removed from its background, it not only blends vey well on the website and on print publications, it makes the product look very attractive as well. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How to Get Photoshop Clipping Path Work from Home


Working from home is getting extremely popular these days. It was popular even before pandemic. Now with the pandemic we are riding though and not knowing when all this will be over, more and more jobs are moving to home based. Whether it is government jobs or private jobs, lots of jobs are moving to virtual now. At the same time, lot of companies are shutting their doors for in person business due to COVID-19 regulations. With so much uncertainty that we are being forced to deal with, finding our own home based business that is pandemic proof sure sound the right move. Starting your own clipping path company offering clipping path services to ecommerce companies and commercial clients can surely be a game changer for some. 

What it Takes to Start your Very Own Clipping Path Company?

Well! You surely need to know what  you are doing. If you are looking to start a clipping path company, then you need to know this trade inside out. Knowing a little might land you a job with some retouch studios getting some photos edited for their clients, it surely not enough to start your own business. You need to be a subject matter expert to start  your own business as you are expected to serve clients across various industries. Each industry clients with have their own set of requirements when it comes to commercial photo editing

You also need to know how to promote your business. You might be the best in the game but if no one knows about it, no one can hire you for the job. This is the time of extreme competition and in order to survive in this competitive work, you will need to be one heck of an online marketer to land some jobs. If you are not good in online marketing, you will need to hire some SEO or PPC company to run your online marketing and lead generation campaign. You simply cannot find any job without doing some sort of online promotion. 

Do You Need an Office?

At the beginning when you are starting small, you might get away by working from home. You can even add couple of people to your company when business volume grows a little. As your business grows over time, you will need to move to professional office environment as you will need to provide work space for your employees. Keep this office expense in mind as you surely will need to get an office in the long run.  

What to Consider When Renting or Leasing an Office?

Whether you are renting or leasing an office for your clipping path company, there are few things to keep in mind. Surely the office per sq. feet rent is primary consideration. You can find cheaper rent when you explore various different areas around the city. However, cheaper office might not work always. You will need to consider transportation for employees. If the office is not on accessible via public transportation, you will have problem with employees and retaining employees. 

Another important factor is the high speed internet Since there will be massive amount of data transfer, your office will need to be in such an area where this type of high speed internet connection is available. 

Working from Home VS. Having An Office

Working from home for your clipping path company business can be convenient and cost efficient at the beginning. But come to think of it. If you work all by yourself, there is certain amount of job you can do. If you have ten, twenty or more people working for you in your office, you will have the opportunity to serve lot more clients and can generate lot more revenue. At the end of the day, its your choice how you want to run your clipping path company. Working from an office or working from home. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Photo Editing as a Hobby


There are so many hobbies in the world. In fact, how many hobbies are out there is beyond anyone's guess. some like a relaxing day fishing by the lake, some like to do gardening, some like to collect stamps, some like to travel. and there is a hobby which is not for all souls which is photo editing. 

Why Would Someone Need to Edit a Photo?

Most average people would not even think of editing their photos. Back in those days where most average home photographers were using point and shoot cameras. Only old timers would remember those days where a negative would have to be taken to the stores for developing purposes. once the negative was developed, there came the selection process. Selection would have to be made carefully as every single photograph that was printed, there was a cost associated to it. 

It was not like today where a single cellphone or camera phone memory card would hold thousand images. people can keep all the images of their choice and it would not cost them a penny. Only images they like from time to time, they would print them at a very low cost. As you can see, these average photographers would not find the need to edit any image. 

However, some who are into commercial photography or product photography, they would most certainly find the need of product photo editing. Also, from time to time, you will come up with an image that you like so much that you want to keep it as a memory. maybe you like to share it with your friends and family members or print it for your wall. In these situations, you might find the need of photo editing. 

How to Make Photo Editing a Hobby?

This is not a typical hobby. If  you are into photography, whether amateur or professional and need to edit your own photographs, you might play around with Adobe Photoshop and get your own images edited. 

Amateur photographers in most cases make this as a hobby as they don't find commercial need of editing images. they take nice quality images and enjoy the time spent with Adobe Photoshop. They already like the exciting world of photography and enjoy playing around with their captured images to make them look even better. This is by no means professional photo editing or not providing professional quality or service oriented clipping path services that a clipping path company offers. This is strictly a hobby where an amateur photographer enjoying time spent of perfecting his or her newly captured photograph. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Clipping Path Company Makes eCommerce Photos Look More Appealing


eCommerce photography is a whole new world. This is not average iPhone photo taken by some lone traveler. This is not some newborn image taken by her father to capture the moment mommy holding her baby for the very first time. Not family or even photography either. These are pictures taken for commercial purposes. And when it comes to commercial product photography, you must shoot for the best. 

Why Clipping Path is Important for Commercial Images?

Commercial product photography has only one objective. That is to promote the product in question, the product that is being photographed. 

Once the product is photographed, it is then published on the ecommerce website. Between the picture taking and image publishing phase, there is another very important phase that takes place. This important phase is photo editing. Lot of times, clipping path is applied on the images to isolate the actual product from the background or from its surroundings. 

Photoshop clipping path is the process that is used to make this isolation possible. Thera are other ways to isolate the object from an image but clipping path is by far the most professional and most accurate way of clipping out an object from an image. 

Who Offers Clipping Path Services?

There are professional clipping path companies that offer this very valuable clipping path service. If you are an individual small business owner needing few clipping path editing from time to time, you might try to learn the editing yourself and do it yourself. If you are a business owner or a company needing tons of images edited on a regular basis, then you must partner with a reputable clipping path company and let them do your photo editing. 

When it comes to selecting the right clipping path company, you need to keep few things in mind. It is what you pay for. If you are looking to get the services done for cheap, you will get cheap quality job done. If you want to get professional job done, you must need to hire a professional company that not only can do a high quality job but also deliver in a timely manner.